5 Things That Happen When You Are In Dry Eye Treatment

5 Things That Happen When You Are In Dry Eye Treatment

Jan 01, 2022

Dry eye disease occurs when the tears cannot provide enough lubrication for the eyes. This condition occurs when the eyes do not produce enough tears or if the tears are of poor quality. Dry eyes are uncomfortable, and they can cause stinging or burning. Situations like looking at a computer screen for hours, staying in an air-conditioned room, or riding a bike can cause dry eyes.

This article discusses the causes of dry eyes and what happens during dry eyes treatment. Kindly read along.

What Is Dry Eye?

Dry eyes occur due to instability in tears, causing inflammation and damage to the eye’s surface. Usually, dry eyes affect both eyes, and the symptoms include redness, sensitivity to light, stinging and burning sensation in the eyes, and stringy mucus around the eyes. Other symptoms include blurry vision, difficulty driving at night, watery eyes, and the sensation of having something in your eyes. If you notice any symptoms, you should visit your Mahogany eye doctor immediately.

Can Dry Eye Be Cured?

Although there is no cure for dry eye, treatment methods reduce the symptoms to protect vision. Minimizing environmental triggers and maintaining a functional tear film on the eye surface can manage dry eyes.

Causes Of Dry Eye

The main cause of dry eye is the imbalance in the tear-flow system. Other causes of dry eyes include aging, menopause, side effects of medications like antihistamines, prolonged computer use, and smoking. Incomplete closure of eyelids and environmental factors like dry climates, high altitude, and air conditioning can hasten the evaporation of tears, causing dry eye.

What Happens During Dry Eye Treatment

  1. Before getting the treatment, you have to schedule an appointment with an optometrist near you.

  2. During your appointment, the optometrist will discuss your symptoms, previous treatments, and medical history with you; This will help the doctor develop a suitable treatment plan.

  3. The first dry eye treatment in Mahogany is eye drops. Eye drops are artificial tears that can soothe your eyes and relieve your symptoms

  4. If artificial tears are not enough treatment, the Mahogany eye doctor will prescribe medication like cyclosporine drops to soothe the dry eye. Although the medication may cause initial irritation, you should get used to it with time. Most people get relief with cyclosporine within two weeks.

  5. Another treatment an optometrist near you may recommend is plugging your tear ducts to keep your eyes moist for longer. For this treatment, your doctor will place tiny plugs at the inner corner of your eyes to slow down tears from draining into your nose, keeping the tears on your eye surface.

How To Prevent Dry Eyes

There is no permanent cure for dry eyes; it is, therefore, better to take precautionary measures to prevent dry eyes. Some measures that can prevent dry eyes include getting adequate sleep, drinking plenty of water, and soothing your inflamed eyelids using eyelid massages, warm compresses, or eyelid cleaners. You should also reduce your screen time and take breaks to blink. Furthermore, you should include vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids, and supplements in your diet.

Other measures for preventing dry eyes include wearing wraparound sunglasses when you’re outdoors, using a humidifier, and, if possible, avoiding wind, smoke, air conditioning, and dry environments.


Dry eye is common and it can happen to anyone. Several factors contribute to dry eyes, including age, environment, and medications. Although there is no permanent cure for the condition, you can manage it by minimizing environmental factors, treating the symptoms, and increasing tear production and retention. Furthermore, several dry eye treatments in Mahogany can help manage the symptoms and protect your eye health.

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