5 Tips for First Time Contact Lens Wearers

5 Tips for First Time Contact Lens Wearers

Jun 16, 2019

Contact lens is an excellent alternative to bulky eyeglasses. You tend to lose your glasses or break them, glasses can be a hindrance during physical activities and off course, they can spoil your appearance.

However, first-time contact lens wearers can experience some apprehension and might require time to adjust to their new lens. Here are some tips for first-time contact lens wearer.


Many people are scared of scratching their eye while wearing the lens or the lens being stuck in the eye. Inserting and removing lens is quite a simple task and with practice, can be done without much of an effort.

Keep lenses clean

It is important to keep your lens clean as they come in direct contact with your eye. It is important to clean your lens with a lens cleaning solution and to wash your hands with an anti-bacterial soap before inserting and removing your lens. This will protect your eyes from infections.


It is important to keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of water, irrespective of the fact that you are wearing your contact lens or not. Also, depending upon your physical environment and amount of strain your eyes need to ensure, you should hydrate your eyes using eye drops as recommended by your doctor.

Follow your doctor’s recommendations

You should always follow your doctor’s recommendations and prescription. This includes the amount of time you wear your lens and the eye and lens care products you use. Also, ensure to schedule periodic eye check-up appointments.

Adhere to the prescribed wearing and replacement schedule

You need to adhere to the schedule prescribed by your doctor for wearing and replacing your contact lens. You need to remove your lens while sleeping and store them in a container filled with lens cleaning liquid. Also, you need to timely replace your lens and not attempt to extend the life of your lens

Adjusting your new lens can take some time to adjust. To know more about adjusting to your new lens, schedule a consultation with Premier Eye Care.