Should You Use Eye Drops with Contact Lenses?

Should You Use Eye Drops with Contact Lenses?

Jul 16, 2019

For choosing the right Eye drop and considering whether you need one at all, there are various factors to be considered. While there are many eye-drops in the market, it is necessary to seek the assistance of experts like Premier Eye Care, to find out the right one for you. The following points will help you with this dilemma.

  • Prescription Versus Over-the-Counter
  • When you have an eye-related issue, you must visit the doctor. Self-medication is very harmful. The doctor prescribes eye drops which need to be used by the patient. Such advice is made keeping in mind the problems, power of the lenses and other related factors. Accordingly, it must be used as per the instructions provided by the doctor.

  • Know what you are buying
  • In order to ensure the safety of your eyes, the advice of experts like Premier Eye Care must be taken before choosing an eye drop. This is relevant even while buying over the counter eye drops.

  • Steer clear of “Get the Red Out” drops.
  • Red-eye reducers contain ingredients called “vasoconstrictors that leads to shrinking of the blood vessels and cause deposits on the lens. This may initially whiten your eye and eventually makes the eyes even redder.

  • Follow the 15-minute rule with allergy drops
  • Before you put your lens back into your eyes, wait for 15 minutes after instilling allergy drops into your eyes.

  • Eye drops for dry eye are not the same as “rewetting drops”
  • Dry eye drops and rewetting eye drops are of two different things and should not be confused by the person using them. An expert like Premier Eye Care must be consulted. Proper guidance must also be taken before buying them.

  • Pay attention to contact lens rewetting drop labels
  • The labels are very informative with regard to the ingredients, direction of use and side effects of the product.

  • Do you really need all those drops?
  • There are many eye problems such as itching, allergy, redness, etc. which causes a great amount of discomfort. Any person facing these problems should contact an eye doctor at Premier Eye Care immediately, instead of using any drops.