Building Confidence Through Vision Therapy

Building Confidence Through Vision Therapy

Jan 16, 2019

Confidence is the key to happiness and success in life. A child who struggles due to poorly developed set of visual skills often has emotional side effects. As a result, the child may feel unaccepted in their environment, leading to depression directly as a result of the inability to apply their visual skills efficiently. 

There is a way to make the optical and visual shortcomings go away. That’s vision therapy. Going beyond optical devices, vision therapy will retrain the brain’s visual processing pathways with activities to enhance their visual proficiency. Once the visual skills are learned and developed through vision therapy in Calgary, a child will begin to feel more secure and confident in their activities of daily living.

One such example is Kiara, who had always been very shy and introvert and never wanted to join social situations or participate in fast paced activities. At family functions she would tend to cling to her parents. Vision therapy was recommended. This helped to build her visual system as well as the confidence to achieve his goals. Her teachers began to notice an increase in her confidence level from pre-school to kindergarten, the extended family seen a difference and most importantly the young man had seen the difference.

Another example is a young female named Nancy whose parents were concerned with her inability to hit a softball, struggles with reading, reversal of letters yet remained at top of her class in math and science. Her diagnosis was oculomotor dysfunction (meaning deficiency in accurate eye tracking) and after vision therapy near me, Nancy was glad she was no longer struggling and that it was her hard work and determination that made it happen!

Vision therapy takes advantage of the neuroplasticity principle of the nervous system, allowing the brain to easily adapt to external stimuli. While your child repeatedly performs suggested exercises, their eyes and brain are being trained to work better as a team. Its multi-sensory approach helps develop your child’s various ocular functions and prevent progression of pre-existing sight problems. Vision therapy builds great self-confidence and makes your child shine brighter.