All You Need to Know about Comprehensive Eye Exam

All You Need to Know about Comprehensive Eye Exam

Jul 01, 2020

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A comprehensive eye exam is an essential part of preventative health care. Many people think that it is just a vision checkup, but in reality is more than that. It is performed by the doctor to evaluate the eye health and visual system of a patient. Skilled eye doctors can help you detect signs of many eye problems and boost your overall health.

What Does Comprehensive Eye Examination Involve?

It typically involves a series of tests that identify:

  • Eye diseases (like glaucoma, retinal detachments, cataracts, and macular degeneration, etc.)
  • Systemic health problems (like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.)

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Advantages of Scheduling Regular Eye Exams

Did you know an eye exam could save your life? Below are the life-saving benefits that you need to know:

Boost Your Eye Health

Scheduling comprehensive eye exams regularly will help develop a baseline of the eye tissues. This helps you to detect the changes quickly and save your eyes. It’s best to have a comprehensive eye examination before or at age 40.

Determine Potential Health Issues

Human eyes play a vital role in overall health because it communicates with other body parts. Even a minute dot in the blood vessel may get identified during an examination. Remember, this could be a sign of cancer or a mass that could result in a stroke.

Other potential issues that experienced eye doctors identify include diabetes, autoimmune diseases, high blood pressure, brain bleeding, STD, stroke, eye diseases, or head trauma.

How Much Time Does it Take?

Since a comprehensive eye examination checks everything deeply, so it can take half an hour to one hour to complete. The total time depends on the optometrist or ophthalmologist performing it.

What Common Problems that a Comprehensive Eye Exam Checks for?

Visual Acuity

To check visual sharpness, doctors use a SnellenChart. It features rows of letters that are big on the top and small on the bottom.The doctor will ask you to read off all the letters until you can no longer see them clearly.

Color Blindness

For this type of test, you will be offered a small book that has colorful dots that blend to show a number. The doctor will tell youthat you are color deficient if you were not able to read the number.

Eye Alignment

Eye alignment is detected using an occluder. It is a small paddle that covers one eye at a time. The doctor will ask you to focus onthe objects distant away and then need to do the same thing with the ones that are close to you.

This kind of test evaluates how well your eyes work together.

It also helps the eye doctor to reveal which may cause eye stress.

Extraocular Actions

The doctor checks extraocular movements by asking thepatient to look in every direction without moving their head and ask them if they face any double vision. This test checks the muscles that control the eye.

Depth Perception

Depth perception is the visual potential of a person toperceive the world in three dimensions. The doctor examines it using a small book of patterns. For this, he or she will ask you to wear special 3D glasses and point out which of four circles you see raised.

Interocular Pressure

This test checks for the pressure of fluid inside the eye. High pressure shows glaucoma or proneness for developing it.

Blind Spots

A blind spot is a region in your vision range that you cannot see properly. The doctor does this type of test to determine the peripheral and central vision to uncover problems associated with blind spots.

Eye Disease and Infection

To check overall eye health, the doctor uses a biomicroscope. It will magnify your eye and look at the overall eye health. He or she may have a deep look atretina, optic nerve, pupil reflexes, and even the lens too look for signs of infection and eye diseases.

When you opt for the comprehensive eye exam in Calgary, AB, the skilled doctor checks for everything – from blind spots, color blindness to glaucoma. It can also unveil signs of cancer and high blood pressure.

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