Everything You Should Know about Contact Lens Examination

Everything You Should Know about Contact Lens Examination

Mar 01, 2022

Many people mistake a contact lens exam for a regular eye checkup routinely done by ​an optometrist in Calgary, although they are not the same. While both eye exams are necessary for maintaining healthy eyes, a contact lens exam is more niched for treatment.

What Are Contact Lenses?

They are artificial eye lenses created for correcting vision impairment among patients. Ideally, contact lenses are alternatives to eyeglasses for conservative patients who prefer a more natural look even while benefiting from eye treatments. Typically, you should wear the lenses directly on your eyeball to complement your natural eye lenses.

What Is a Contact Lens Examination?

A typical contact lens exam entails a comprehensive eye exam and a vision prescription for measuring lenses for a proper fit. Usually, a contact lens exam happens after a diagnosis. Ideally, an optometrist near you must have done a previous eye exam and come up with a prognosis for the eye problem you have.

After your diagnosis, your eye doctor will give you a vision prescription that entails getting eyeglasses or contact lenses. It is usually up to you to decide whether you prefer eyeglasses to contact lenses or vice versa. If you opt for contact lenses, your doctor will proceed with a contact lens exam. During a contact lens eye exam in Calgary, your doctor will recommend the best lenses for you and measure them to ensure accuracy in how well they fit you.

What Does the Exam Entail?

A few protocols will occur when you visit an eye doctor for a contact lens exam, including the following:

  1. Comprehensive tests to confirm the accuracy of your initial diagnosis.
  2. Checking how well your eyes work – individually and together.
  3. Contact lens fitting – so your optometrist can place an order for your lenses.

Why Are Contact Lens Exams Necessary?

Generally, whether or not you have an underlying eye condition, you should determine to get an eye exam at least once annually. The stakes are higher when you find out you have an eye infection or a vision problem. At Premier Eye Care – Mahogany, we encourage our patients to schedule a consultation with an optometrist before getting contact lenses.

Customizing Lenses

Contact lenses must fit perfectly to avoid rubbing the eye sockets the wrong way, which may cause an infection and lead to other eye complications. You need a fitting exam by an eye doctor so you can buy the lenses.

Correcting an Eye Problem

Ultimately, contact lenses should correct an underlying vision problem you have. Without the right contact lenses, you will not benefit from them. Eye doctors design contact lenses specifically to correct a particular problem similar to eyeglasses. It would mean that one patient’s lenses would not work for you.

Contact Lens Safety and Hygiene

Contact lenses are very different from eyeglasses. Since you need to place them directly into your eyes, it is crucial to learn how to use them the right way. It involves tips for wearing your lenses, cleaning them, and removing them when you want to, all while exercising safety for your eyes.

To Choose the Type of Lenses you Want

Other than choosing between eyeglasses and contact lenses, you also need to choose the type of contact lenses you want. The first category is daily disposable lenses, which you remove and dispose of every day. Others are disposable monthly. You can even opt to go fancier than the standard level by picking colored contact lenses.

Optimizing Comfort When Wearing Contact Lenses

Your eye doctor will be concerned with the general health of your eyes, especially as regards dryness. Your eyes need to adjust to contact lenses, so you can avoid ending up having dry eye syndrome, among other eye-health complications.


Ultimately, a comprehensive general eye exam does not involve a contact lens exam. Contrary, a contact lens exam may involve a comprehensive exam. The goal is for the doctor to examine your eyes, so he/she can then prescribe and order contact lenses for treating your vision problem. Schedule your appointment with us at Premier Eye Care – Mahogany to get contact lens exams in Calgary.

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