Eye Exam vs Contact Lens Exam: What’s the Difference?

Eye Exam vs Contact Lens Exam: What’s the Difference?

Mar 19, 2019

Are you bored of wearing the glasses? Are you thinking for switching to contact lens? Do you plan to get an eye examination done before switching? Here’s some insight on the difference between regular eye exam and contact lens exam.

What To Expect From An Eye Exam in Seton and Mahogany

During the eye exam in Mahogany clinic the eye doctor will check your overall eye health. The doctor wants to make sure that the eyes show no signs of underlying disease. They will examine your eye for symptoms of glaucoma or macular degeneration. Once the health of your eyes is checked, the doctor examines the function of your eye. The doctors not only check the eye for problems with near or far vision but also evaluate how your both eyes work together.

What to Expect When Getting Contact Lenses

You must know that a contact lens eye exam is not a substitute of the regular eye exam but a supplement to it. The contact lens sits on your eyes, thus, the doctor needs to make sure that the fit between the contact lens and your eyes is perfect. If the doctor commits the mistake of giving you lenses that were big for your eyes, they would scratch the eye.

The doctor will examine your vision with many tests for determining the type of contact lens that will work the best for you. The eyes will also be measured for offering the right fit. Before they offer you the trial lens, they will offer you several options for lens type. While some people like daily disposable lens, the others like cost-effective traditional lens.

When you visit the eye doctor for contact lens examination, they will answer all your queries so that you can feel comfortable and tension free.

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If you are planning to give your glasses a ditch and choose contact lenses, it is better to first go for an eye exam to a renowned eye doctor who will suggest you the right contact lens options.

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