What is Genetic Eye Disease Testing and Its Benefits?

What is Genetic Eye Disease Testing and Its Benefits?

Nov 01, 2019

Eye disease treatment has had quite the input from innovative technologies. There are endless possibilities for treating different eye problems today than there have ever been. If you visit an eye disease doctor, it is hard to walk out of their office without a concrete solution to your problem. There are several eye diseases that patients could suffer from.

When it comes to genetic eye diseases, you need a special eye doctor in Seton to get you started with genetic testing. The treatments for genetic eye diseases differ from all others because they run in your genes.

What is a genetic test?

A genetic test is a test in a laboratory or clinic that has the potential to narrow down on whether or not a patient has an inherited disease. Once you have reported that your condition is similar to one that your parents or grandparents have suffered from, a genetic test is initiated. The genetic test can be done in several medical aspects, including eye disease. The test will ensure you are screened for mutations of the disease in known genes that test negative, from your sample.

A genetic test is another way for an optometrist in Calgary to avoid saying ‘there is nothing we can do for you’ because of your inherited disease. In this 21st century, genetic tests are faster and more affordable than ever before. They are the solutions to most inherited diseases that seem to have no cure.

What are the benefits of genetic testing?

  • Inherited eye disease is very different from any other kind of eye problem. On the first visits to an optometrist in Calgary, the first question he/she will ask you is where you have a family history of eye disease. If you, the eye doctor in Calgary will schedule you for genetic testing. Here are some of the benefits of genetic testing:

i. For accurate diagnosis

It would not be fair or ethical for an optometrist in Seton to send you off with an eye disease condition without proper verification. Genetic testing is a far more accurate way to deduce the causes of your eye problems. By the time you leave his office, you should have a conclusive analysis of what your condition is about.

  • An asset for prospective parents

If you are not yet a parent, you are planning to be one. Having an eye problem can be a thing only you experience. However, if it is genetic, then there are chances that you could pass it on to your children. As prospective parents, visiting an optometrist in Calgary, AB will prove a beneficial asset when you go through with genetic testing.

  • Participation in clinical trials

An eye doctor in Mahogany has probably already told you that not much can be done if you have a genetic eye disease. For some patients, treatment involves controlling the effect of the eye disease so they do not get out of hand. That said, genetic testing will open up opportunities for you to participate in clinical trials. When new medicine and techniques are available, you can be scheduled for the trials, and increase your chances of resolving your eye disease permanently. Do not be surprised if you become a beneficiary of stem cell therapies or gene replacement.

  • Discovery of new advances

Even though your eye disease is genetic, there can be advances that differ from what your parents or grandparents have. Genetic testing allows optometrist in Mahogany to identify any new mutations in your system that could advance your disease. The good news here is that the unexpected advances can also make way for better treatment, including dry eyes treatment in Seton.

  • Builds up research

Genetic testing is a process that requires time. Every year is a new opportunity to test a new concept and nullify another. When you go through the testing, one virtue you must embrace is patients. Results take time, sometimes months, and years. However, that in itself is an advantage. Being part of genetic testing makes you a significant contributor of knowledge in treating inherited eye disease. Your participation makes room for more innovation, more testing, and solutions.


Technology has introduced a lot of good things in the medical field. Inherited diseases can be handled much better by an optometrist near you, now more than ever. The best news is that the technologies in genetic testing have allowed for many clinic and laps, including vision therapy centers in Mahogany.