How Genetic Testing Benefits Your Eye Health?

How Genetic Testing Benefits Your Eye Health?

Nov 02, 2021

You do not just inherit your parent’s smile or height. Many other things about your body are passed down from parents, including diseases. While people know enough about health problems genetically passed down, not enough is discussed about inherited eye problems. Many people end up being asymptomatic patients for many years until they eventually develop serious eye problems when they are older. These can be prevented through a test for genetic eye problems.

What is Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing, otherwise known as Genetic Eye Disease (GEDi) test, is a type of eye test done by ophthalmologists at Premier Eye Care to detect genetically shared eye disorders. According to research, these tests are up to 98% accurate, providing sufficient information regarding your eye health history. Inherited eye diseases are very common among patients, even though they may take a while before they are detectable. Therefore, when your eye doctor recommends a genetic test after your consultation, do not be opposed to the idea. The test can spell out even genetic variations and mutations for inherited diseases.

Why is Genetic Testing Important?

The GEDi test is not just done for the fun of it. Instead, an eye doctor is likely to recommend the test on a need basis. In many cases, the test is part of your comprehensive eye exam, especially if your eye doctor outlines several anomalies that need further diagnosis. Some of the reasons why you need GEDi tests are:

  1. Establish a definite diagnosis – is especially necessary for the kind of eye conditions that have unclear and shared symptoms. It is also required when you have recurrent eye problems, regardless of employing various treatment alternatives.
  2. Rule out many other eye conditions – when it comes to various eye diseases, many symptoms are shared. As such, it may take a while before an ophthalmologist can determine conclusively what your eye problem is. Therefore, to rule out many other possibilities, a GEDi test may be necessary.
  3. In preparation for certain clinical trials – after a GEDi test, a lot of information about your eye health is revealed, which can help eye specialists make an informed decision about qualifying you for some clinical trials.
  4. To study the progression of some eye conditions relative to gene mutations – although you may have some inherited eye diseases, they may be more or less dominant in you than in other people in your family. Besides, the progression of diseases over the years is greatly impacted by gene mutations and variations.
  5. To identify any risk factors – in many comprehensive eye exams, ophthalmologists do not detect any eye problems. However, a GEDi test may help identify any blind spots and risk factors that can become problematic in the foreseeable future. Knowing about them allows you to be proactive about caring for your eyes to prevent the occurrence of eye problems. Besides, as a parent, wouldn’t you want to know if you have passed down some of your health problems to your children?

What are Some of the Common Inherited Diseases?

There is a range of eye problems that can be passed down to children, including the following:

  1. Cataracts – especially when diagnosed in children and teenagers.
  2. Ocular albinism
  3. Color vision deficiency – popularly known as color ‘blindness’
  4. Glaucoma – in children and teenagers
  5. Pattern dystrophy
  6. Achromatopsia
  7. Retinitis pigmentosa – retinal diseases that may cause blindness

Will Insurance Cover This Kind of Test?

Many health insurances will cover GEDi tests if they are recommended by your doctor for eye care in Calgary, AB. However, different companies have different policies and standpoints regarding what they cover. Make sure you inquire with your insurance company before your testing is done.


When it comes to eye care, push your limits by seeking professional help. Usually, GEDi tests can benefit you and your entire family, allowing you to layout proactive strategies for protecting your eye health. Be especially keen on GEDi tests if you have predisposing risk factors that may point toward inherited eye problems. If for nothing else, let GEDi tests be for the peace of mind for you and your family members regarding serious eye problems like ocular cancer or glaucoma.

If you are looking for Genetic Testing in Calgary, you can call or schedule an appointment with Premier Eye Care.

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