I Can See Clearly Now: Glasses Cleaning and Care Tips

I Can See Clearly Now: Glasses Cleaning and Care Tips

Jul 08, 2019

Whether you wear glasses for all day, switch alternately between the contact and glasses, or wear glasses only while reading, it is important to take care of your glasses and keep them clean all the time. Also, the prescription glasses are an investment as it is challenging to find another pair that fits and feels right on your face. It is for your own good that you take care of them and preserve them for as long as possible says the optometrist in Mahogany near you.

Glasses Cleaning Tips

Cleaning glasses is very easy and you can do it frequently without any help. You can make use of a mild liquid soap to make sure that your hands are free of grime and dirt. Then take the glasses and rinse them under a stream of lukewarm water. For cleaning the frames, nose pads, and lenses use soap water. Now rinse the glasses with plain water and use a dry, lint-free cloth for drying them.

What Not to Do When Cleaning Your Glasses

  • Using bleach, vinegar, or ammonia is a big No for cleaning the eyeglasses as they can harm the coatings and lenses.
  • Using hot water for cleaning as it can damage the lenses.
  • Wiping the lenses without rinsing them as it can lead to scratches on the lenses.
  • Drying the lenses with a paper towel, paper napkin, or something dirty as it can again damage the lenses and cause scratches.
  • Wiping the glasses on shirt tail or any other clothing as they have bits of grime or dust which may harm lenses.
  • Spit in the glasses for cleaning as you can your saliva contains germs and oils that can damage the lenses.

More Tips on Eyewear Care

  • Remove the glasses carefully with both hands to avoid misaligning the frames.
  • Check the screws to make sure that they are tight.
  • Keep an eyeglass repair kit at home.
  • Put the glasses down with the lenses facing upward.
  • Have your frames checked regularly by an optician and get them adjusted if required.
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