Importance of Contact Lens Examination

Importance of Contact Lens Examination

Dec 01, 2020

The eyes are one of the most delicate organs of the body. The eyes receive almost 80% of the perception. The eyes have numerous optic nerves, blood capillaries apart from the lens, conjunctiva, pupil, retina, and iris.

The eyesight might be hampered due to numerous reasons. You might also need to change your looks or eye color to suit some need or fashion. These optical prostheses are used to correct vision and to change your look.

What is a Contact Lens?

Contact lenses are thin lenses placed directly on the eye surface are ocular prostheses, and are used by over 150 million people worldwide. Contact lenses are worn to correct nearsightedness or farsightedness and for cosmetic or therapeutic reasons.

These curved lenses are placed on the film of tears that cover the eye’s surface. Generally, prescription contact lenses are clear but are often given the slightest tinge of shade to help the wearer handle them easily.

Although contact lenses seem to be a modern addition to the human eye, it has an illustrious history. The first usage of contact lenses dates back to the era of Leonardo da Vinci and Rene Descartes. But the modern-day contact lenses came up in the 9th century when a German ophthalmologist came up with the contact lens that could be worn for a few hours. With time and technology, the current contact lens came into being.

Types of Contact Lenses

Although the optometrist prescribes contact lenses to correct vision, nowadays, contact lenses are also worn purely for cosmetic and novelty purposes. Your eyes’ hue can be changed entirely by the colored contact lenses, giving you a renewed look. Costume contact lenses create some of the special effects visualized on the big screen.

Based on the duration of usage, contact lenses can be worn repeatedly, while some are single-use type. Generally, prescription contact lenses are worn to correct your vision and can be worn frequently. The colored contact lenses are mostly single-use types that need to be disposed of after wearing them once.

Contact Lens Examination

For most people, contact lenses provide better comfort and convenience than eyeglasses or prescription glasses. Before you get contact lenses, you need to go through a comprehensive contact lens eye exam where the eye doctor tests and determines the prescription for correcting your eyesight and checks for your eye issues. The contact lens examination is critical to understand the adaptability of your eyes to contact lenses.

If you opt for contact lenses, the fitting of the contact lens and the comfortability is vital. Safety and hygiene of your eyes are equally important. The contact lens eye exam includes both a comprehensive eye examination and check-up for overall eye health.

Contact lenses are of varied sizes, and just as one shoe does not fit all feet similarly, contact lenses are of different sizes for different eyes. The curvature of your eye lens differs from that of others, and the optometrist needs to take prior measurements so that the contact lens does not damage your eye no give you any discomfort.

The size of your pupil and iris plays a vital role in determining your contact lens design. Adequate tear films need to be present for the successful wearing of contact lenses. The lens and the cornea need to be sufficiently hydrated to reduce the irritation and redness of the eyes.

The optometrists use a keratometer to determine the curvature of the cornea. This measurement enables the optometrist to select the contact lens of the right curvature and diameter. You may be administered with “toric” contact lenses if there is an irregularity in your eye lenses due to astigmatism.

Detailed mapping of the cornea might also be done in some extreme cases of irregular cornea curvature. Corneal topography or mapping of the cornea provides precise characteristics of the cornea.

Visiting the Optometrist

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