Contact Lenses Exam in Calgary

If you wear or are considering getting contacts, you’ll need to get a contact lens exam in addition to your regular comprehensive eye exam. This is necessary because the contact lens exam helps to ensure that the lenses fit both eyes properly. It also assesses that the health of the eyes is not harmed by the contact lenses. At Premier Eye Care in Calgary, AB, we provide both comprehensive and contact lens exams.

First off, a comprehensive eye exam is important and beneficial to the health of your eyes because it determines whether or not you need vision correction (tests vision sharpness) and checks for signs of glaucoma. If your doctor finds that you do need vision correction, he or she can determine the prescription strength and examine how your eyes work together. Your eyes may also be dilated to allow your doctor to see if you have any eye conditions and to check for signs of other serious health conditions such as hypertension and diabetes.

In order to wear contact lenses, you will need a contact lens exam in addition to a comprehensive eye exam. This will consist of special tests that evaluate your vision for contacts. The first will measure your eye surface to determine the size and type of contact lens that will be best for you. Your doctor may also do a tear film evaluation, which will make sure that you have a sufficient amount of tears to wear contacts comfortably.

Using the results from the contact lens exam, your doctor will be able to give you a contact lens prescription. This differs from an eyeglass prescription because, while an eyeglass prescription measure for lenses that are positioned approximately 12 millimeters from your eyes, contact lenses will sit directly on the surface of the eye; the two values cannot be the same. If one is substituted for the other, it could result in damaging the health of the eyes.

Once you’ve found the right fit and have the prescription for your contacts, you’ll need to decide whether you want disposable contacts or extended wear, along with different options for the lenses, such as whether or not to get colored contacts. You will receive a trial pair of contacts to wear for a few days before you have a follow-up exam (after about a week) to see how you’ve adjusted to the lenses.

If you are considering getting contact lenses, contact us at Premier Eye Care to make an appointment. We can help you find the right form of vision correction for you in Calgary, AB.

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