Myopia Management in Calgary

Nearsightedness, often known as myopia, is a common vision problem that is generally detected before the age of 20. Myopia is a condition that impairs distance vision. Nearby items, such as computer screens or a book, are easy to see, whereas faraway ones, such as grocery store aisle markers or road signs, are difficult to see.

Myopia is now on the rise due to several factors, including the high use of technology. Located in Calgary, CA, Premier Eye Care provides myopia management near you.

Myopia Levels

The severity of nearsightedness is often categorized like this: Mild myopia: -0.25 to -3.00 D. Moderate myopia: -3.25 to -5.00 D or -6.00 D. High myopia: greater than -5.00 D or -6.00 D. If you’re unsure of what your numbers are, ask our optometrist at Premier Eye Care.

High Myopia Treatment

Patients with extreme myopia are frequently discouraged from undergoing laser surgery on the surface or interior layers of the cornea rather than those with mild myopia.

Phakic intraocular lens implantation is the best option for extreme myopia (between the cornea and the crystalline lens). In situations when extreme myopia is linked to macular diseases, intravitreal injections or ocular microsurgery can rectify the problem.

Myopia Control

Why should you be concerned about myopia management? Because slowing myopia progression may prevent you or your child from having high levels of nearsightedness that necessitate thick, corrective eyeglasses and have been linked to major eye issues later in life, such as premature cataracts or even a retinal tear.

Currently, four types of treatment are showing promise for controlling myopia:

Atropine Eye Drops

Atropine eye drops for myopia, which are used in conjunction with either glasses or contact lenses, may be recommended by your eye doctor. Atropine for myopia control is typically used once a day, at night. Medical doctors and eye surgeons all around the world choose atropine eye drops. It’s important to mention that stinging of the eye drop during application and hypersensitive responses are possible side effects. Make sure you tolerate the eye drops, as well as any other myopia control medication. Don’t be afraid to ask about side effects and communicate any concerns about Atropine and myopia control.


When compared to using single-vision lenses, studies suggest that MiSight can delay the rate of myopia progression in youngsters by roughly 50%. Individual diversity exists in treatment outcomes, as it does with any health therapy – some individuals may have better benefits than predicted, while others have less.

MiSight lenses slow myopia growth by concentrating peripheral light in front of the retina rather than behind the retina as standard glasses do. This is thought to minimize the amount of stimulus that causes the eye to grow longer. Myopia management therapy at Premier Eye Care in Calgary aims to reduce abnormal eye growth and elongation.

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