OxyGeneo Radiofrequency Treatment in Mahogany, Calgary, AB

Research studies have shown that increasing oxygen levels can enhance the skin’s appearance. However, conventional methods of oxygenation can be invasive and uncomfortable for patients. The OxyGeneo treatment at our eye clinic in Calgary combines several techniques for a non-invasive and effective procedure.

What is OxyGeneo Treatment?

OxyGeneo treatment indirectly increases the oxygen in facial cells and tissue through a process known as the Bohr Effect. OxyGeneo begins with an exfoliation process utilizing radio frequencies to generate bubbles of CO2 on the skin’s surface. The CO2 forces the muscles and tissues to release oxygen from the hemoglobin.

Higher amounts of oxygen boost circulation, revitalize facial cells, and allow the skin to absorb healthy ingredients. The exfoliation treatment removes dead skin cells and prepares the skin for infusion. The higher oxygen levels facilitate cell regeneration and healing.

Next is the application of nutrient-rich solutions to address specific skin care concerns. It may involve using varying ingredients depending on your skin’s condition during the OxyGeneo treatment in Calgary.

Benefits of OxyGeneo Treatment

  • OxyGeneo is more effective than micro abrasion treatments.
  • Results are usually visible within a few days after completing an OxyGeneo treatment near you.
  • OxyGeneo can address various skin problems, such as hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and fine lines.
  • The treatment is not only non-invasive, but it also soothes the skin during the procedure.
  • The process also encourages the skin to absorb infusion products and hydrate.
  • Depending on the type of infusion, the ingredients can calm the skin and prevent acne problems.

Benefits of Radiofrequency for Dry Eye

  • Applying radiofrequency to the skin around the eyes helps create uniform heating at an ideal temperature, helping treat meibomian gland dysfunction or MGD.
  • When obstructed meibomian glands receive such energy, the higher energy heat will melt down the thick oil secretions obstructing the glands.
  • As a result, it helps reduce the damaging bacteria, enhancing oil production and the flow of oil into the tears. The tear film is also restabilized.
  • This way, the RF eliminates the condition of dry eyes.

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