Sleep and Eye Health

Sleep and Eye Health

Apr 16, 2019

Do you ever feel that you are tired but still aren’t able to sleep and rather feeling restless? If yes, then you need to take care of your eyes because this means that they are affected a lot. Having a good sleep is very important for our eyes as much as for our entire body. If you don’t get the adequate amount of sleep as required then you might have to face a big problem.

Sleep-Deprived Eyes Are Unhealthy Eyes: Premier Eye Care suggests that a person should get at least 6 hours of sleep for showcasing their utmost potential throughout the day while working or playing. If you are not getting proper sleep then it can affect your eyes in many ways such as heavy eyelids, eye straining, burning sensation in eyes, drying up of eyes and so on. As mentioned earlier, this not just affects our eyes but also our body is affected which is definitely not a good sign.

Lose The Blue Light Before Bed: Nothing is as bad as the blue light for your eyes, especially before going to bed. This is high-intensity light which puts strain on your eyes and is also harmful for your brain and hence, you are not able to sleep. This might also lead to problems like insomnia. One of the best solutions is to avoid the light before bed and if you cannot do this, then you can ask the eye specialist to provide you with glasses which does not let the blue-rays affect you.

Rest Your Eyes; Take Your Contacts Out at Night: Sometimes you feel tired or sleepy unexpectedly and then you even forget to remove your eye contacts. When it must have happened for the first time then you might have gotten very worried but slowly and gradually it becomes a daily thing to do. It might not affect your health overall but it becomes harder to replenish your eyes as this can affect your eyes beyond a level.

You can lose your eyesight if you don’t pay proper attention to it. This is not a small thing because in case a problem occurs and if you don’t get it solved in the early stage itself then you might lose your eyesight permanently. Better thing to do would be to Make Eye Appointments a Priority with Premier Eye Care and get full eye check-ups done. They guide you and tell you how much amount of sleep is required and how you should take care of your eyes. You just don’t forget to give your eyes the rest they need! Because that is the most important thing for your eyes to function properly.

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