Suitable Approaches to Consider for Dry Eye Treatment

Suitable Approaches to Consider for Dry Eye Treatment

Aug 01, 2020

Your eyes are very sensitive to external factors, and you should always protect them from damage. Underlying issues or injuries in your eyes may lead to permanent vision loss. The production of tears is vital in keeping your eyes moist.

Chronic dry eye may occur due to issues related to your eye glands, allergies near your eye, environmental factors, and inflammation in your eye. They are various approaches used in managing the symptoms by the optometrist near you.

Dry Eyes Syndrome and the Cause

Your eyes produce tears to ensure they are moist. Healthy eyes have a tear film cover that remains stable after every blink. The tears prevent your eyes from running dry and provide you with a clear vision.

If your tear glands produce fewer tears, the tear fill becomes unstable, leading to dry eyes syndrome. Tears comprise fatty oils, water, electrolytes, and growth factors vital in keeping the eye surface moist, clear, and smooth. If you have symptoms related to the formation of dry spots, seek dry eyes remedy to prevent vision loss. Dry eyes are caused by:

  • Insufficient production of tears
  • An imbalance in the mixture of tears
  • Eyelid problems
  • Certain medication
  • Environmental factors

Symptoms Attributed to Dry Eyes Defect

There are numerous signs and symptoms associated with dry eyes, and they include:

  • Eye redness
  • Eye fatigue or blurred vision
  • Burning sensation in your eye’s protective layer
  • Stringy mucus around or in your eyes
  • Watery eyes due to irritation caused by your dry eyes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Difficulty in using your lenses

In case the symptoms remain unmanaged for long, you may suffer from dry macular degeneration that causes vision loss. Your specialist may recommend you to take special minerals and vitamins to lower the progression of the disease. Macular degeneration cure may require a surgical procedure to eliminate the blurred vision effects.

Diagnosis for Dry Eyes

During your appointment with your specialist, you’ll undergo procures and diagnostic tests to determine the cause of your dry eyes. Your specialist may perform the following:

  • An eye examination, to provide an overall health condition of your eyes, to aid in the treatment plan that suits you.
  • Your specialist might check on the production level of your tears under your eyelids using blotting strips.
  • Special tests can determine the quality of your tears and evaluate your eye’s staining patterns.

In case your condition is chronic, your optometrist will prescribe additional treatment options for you to ensure your eyes remain comfortable and healthy.

How You Can Undergo Dry Eyes Therapy

There are various approaches used to treat and manage dry eyes. Your specialist examines you and determines the ideal dry eyes remedy for you. You can undergo artificial tears solutions, use recommended medication, or treatment for inflamed eyelids. Below are some recommended treatment options; they include:

Adding tears to your dry eyes using recommended artificial tear solutions is vital in supplementing your tears’ natural production to keep your eyes moist. Preservative-free solutions are recommended during artificial tears production since they have fewer additives that may irritate your eyes.

Conserving your natural tears in your eyes can minimize the symptoms of dry eye syndrome. Your tear ducts are blocked by tiny silicone plugs that are removable. A surgical procedure can be performed to close your tear ducts permanently.

Your optometrist might prescribe eye drops to increase the production of tears. The omega-3 fatty acid has nutritional value in the production of tears.

Ointments, dry eye drops, lid massage, and warm compresses are recommended in preventing inflammation of your affected eye surfaces. Your optometrist will determine the suitable approach for treating your inflamed ocular surface.

Undergoing Dry Eye Treatment in Calgary

At Premier Eye Care, our optometrist in Calgary, AB, provide you with treatment options for dry eyes. We help you to manage the symptoms related to dry eye syndrome by utilizing the following approaches:

  • Artificial Tears to assist in the increase of tears production
  • Punctal Plugs inserted into your ducts to minimize the drainage of tears and ensure they are moist.
  • BlephEx™ procedure in the removal of eye irritants and debris

Our specialists recommend using an air humidifier to keep the air moist and filter out dust particles. We also provide you with nutritional supplements to suppress symptoms. Our experts examine your medical history and advice you on the right medication.

It would be best if you consult our practitioners before you change your regimen. Please make an appointment with us today for dry eye treatment in Calgary, AB, and find apt relief for your eye discomfort.