Vision Therapy Programs Customized for the Specific Needs of Every Individual

Vision Therapy Programs Customized for the Specific Needs of Every Individual

Feb 01, 2020

Not all problems with the vision can be corrected by spectacles and contact lenses. A program that aims to improve the visual abilities of an individual is vision therapy that uses different methods to achieve its goal. Vision therapy can treat a range of visual problems with eye exercises, occlusion, lenses, testing, and prisms. The therapy may also be used to treat problems with eye alignment and problems with coordination, poor focus or inadequate hand-eye coordination. The programs are all designed to suit the specific requirements of every individual. If you have any problems with the type described above you should be searching for a clinic offering vision therapy near you to improve your visual abilities.

How Vision Works?

Vision is the ability to derive meaning from what is visible. It does not include just the ability to distinguish the finer details but also involve the following:

  • Convergence.
  • Accommodation.
  • Binocularity.
  • Fixation and movement abilities of the eye.
  • Perception of visual form.
  • Eye-hand coordination.

The development of the vision continues even after birth and is influenced by the individual experience and the visual environment surrounding him or her. Problems with the vision can exist despite having healthy eyes and having no difficulties with viewing things because difficulties may occur in eye muscle control and coordination. If you have problems with your vision you may experience visual discomfort when performing certain types of demanding activities.

Treatment By Vision Therapy

According to statistics available, approximately 50 percent of the population has vision problems that need treatment of some kind. Most people have refractive errors like shortsightedness, long-sightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism which in some cases can be improved by vision therapy. The therapy can be undertaken by people of all edges but the effects are highest on children and young adults. Many children example has difficulties coordinating their two eyes to observe anything clearly. It is well-known that both eyes must be focused and aimed correctly at the right distance. Problems with the aiming and focusing the eyes can create multiple problems which may include intermittent double vision, headaches, blurred vision, and feelings of eye strain.

Children affected by these problems do not complain about them but often avoid tasks that are difficult and cause discomfort. Taking them to an optometrist may get a referral to a programmer vision therapy in Calgary to improve eye coordination and focusing.

What Is the Program of Vision Therapy?

The program of vision therapy is designed specifically by an optometrist to meet individual needs. Training procedures or exercises, diagnostic testing, and the use of prisms and lenses could be key components of successful treatment of the problem related to the vision. The frequency of the consultation, the duration of home training during therapy will depend on the severity and nature of the problem being treated by the therapist from vision therapy in Calgary, AB and the needs of the affected individual.

How to Get Help with Vision Therapy?

If you feel you are affected by problems with your vision or regularly face problems of the variety described in this discussion you should initially contact your doctor who may refer you to your optometrist. The optometrist will after an examination, in turn, refer you to vision therapy in Calgary, AB for the corrective measures that you need specifically designed for you. The referral will be an opportunity for you to begin correcting the visual problems you have by discussing your problems with a specialist that can treat different types of issues.

The therapist dealing with you will clarify in the beginning that all vision problems cannot be rectified by eyeglasses or contact lenses but vision therapy is useful for treating amblyopia, turned eye or squint, coordination problems with the eye, near focus poorly sustained, immature perceptual development and eye-hand coordination that is inadequate. The therapist will design each program to suit the specific requirements of the individuals walking in with the problem.

If you have some of the problems discussed with your eyes you should be contacting vision therapy in Calgary that can offer you a nonsurgical and doctor-supervised customized program for visual activities that can rectify certain vision problems and/or improve visual skills.

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