Important Warning Signs Of Pediatric Vision Problems

Important Warning Signs Of Pediatric Vision Problems

Jun 20, 2019

According to recent research, child with undiagnosed vision problems can experience learning difficulties as a lot of early childhood learning is visual. This can put your child at a distinct disadvantage and inhibit their educational and social development.

Why Are So Many Vision Problems Undiagnosed?

One of the most common reasons for eye problems going undiagnosed is lack of eye check-ups. A child does not know the difference between good and bad vision and hence cannot self-diagnose eye issues like adults.

Common Vision Problems

Some of the Common vision issues which can be easily discovered during an eye check-up include:

  • Convergence Insufficiency – Eyes tend to drift outwards when looking at something up-close.
  • Astigmatism – A refractive error which causes blurry vision.
  • Strabismus – Misalignment of the eyes wherein they tend to turn up, down, in or out.
  • Amblyopia, or “lazy eye” – Poor vision in a single eye

Signs Parents Can Watch For

Many eye and vision problems can be easily noticeable for parents. In case a parent doubts that their child is suffering from an eye issue, they can opt for a comprehensive eye check-up for their child.

Some of the signs parents can watch for include:

  • Blinking rapidly or constantly rubbing their eyes.
  • A short span of attention
  • Struggling with reading and other activities requiring viewing something up-close.
  • High frequency in headaches.
  • often covering one eye
  • tilting their head to one side
  • holding their reading materials too close to their eyes
  • often losing their place during reading
  • having difficulty in remembering what they read sometime back.

Don’t Wait To Schedule Your Child’s Eye Exam

Parents should not ignore any of the above-mentioned symptoms and schedule an eye examination with Premier Eye Care if their child is suffering from any one or more of the listed symptoms.

Our professional team shall evaluate the visual issues experienced by your child and recommend you the most suitable treatment and solution to treat your child’s vision and prevent further deterioration of their vision.

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