What Happens in an Eye Contact Lens Exam?

What Happens in an Eye Contact Lens Exam?

May 03, 2023

Contact lenses eye exams include specific measurements and tests than routine eye exams for eyeglasses. If you already have contact lenses and want your prescription updated or are interested in wearing them, your first step is to schedule a meeting with your eye doctor for an exam. The conference will ensure the doctor sets aside time to perform all tests required to provide contact lens fitting or update your prescription.


Expectations during Your Contact Lens Exam


During your exam for contact lenses, expect the doctor to check your visual acuity using an eye chart, besides numerous other tests to determine the health of your eyes. The tests help the doctor assess whether you need prescription eyewear to correct refractive errors.


The doctor gathers the information to get you fitted with contact lenses or to evaluate the fit of your contact lens. Expect the doctor to enquire about your general lifestyle and preferences about contact lenses, asking you why you want to change the colour of your eyes with coloured contact lenses or if you are interested in having daily disposables or overnight wearing lenses.


Your doctor will also discuss whether you want rigid gas permeable lenses, which often provide sharper vision soft lenses. They will also inquire how you intend to correct vision problems because of aging. For example, after 40, you can expect conditions like presbyopia to decrease your ability to read the fine print and focus on near objects.


If dealing with the problem of presbyopia, your doctor may suggest multifocal or bifocal contact lenses. They may also offer monovision lenses, a unique variety that corrects one eye for distance vision and the other for near vision.


Exams Essential When Getting Contact Lenses


Contact lenses are available in different sizes, and all eyes are unique. However, you may experience discomfort with the lens if it is too flat or steep for your eye’s shape because it may damage your eyes. Therefore the exams performed by the doctor are essential.


Should you Fit Contact Lenses without Lens Exam?


Contact lenses are not over-the-counter eye devices that you insert into your eyes. Fitting contact lenses without a lens exam is practically impossible because the doctor must perform various tests during the exam to ensure you can see clearly, comfortably, and safely with the lenses.


For example, they must measure your cornea using a keratometer to determine the curvature of your eye. They must also measure the pupil and Iris using rulers and automated instruments measuring the horizontal and vertical pupil diameter.


Besides the above, the doctor assesses the question of tear film evaluation besides the surface of your eyes and the fit of the contact lens. When performing the tests, you must wear the lenses for a few minutes to stop the initial tearing and stabilize the lenses. After fitting your contact lenses will be asked to return for one or more follow-up visits to confirm that the lenses are working well and not irritating your cornea.


Why Is Contact Lens Exam More Expensive?


Getting contact lenses fitted is not similar to getting eyeglasses when you don’t need comprehensive exams like the one described for contact lenses. You can visit the mahogany optometrist requesting eyeglasses and expect them to complete the tests in about an hour. However, if you see them asking for a contact lens exam in Calgary, you will need all the tests mentioned above because the doctor must ensure you receive correctly fitting contact lenses. In addition, the prescription for contact lenses includes many designations not found in eyeglass prescriptions. Different brands make contact lenses after considering the curvature of the optical zone and the diameter of the lenses and even printing a Best Buy date of purchasing them.


Your eye doctor will specify wearing instructions on the prescription they write for contact lenses. For example, you may receive instructions for not wearing the lenses overnight or replacing them every two weeks. Therefore, doctors charge higher prices for performing these exams to ensure you receive suitable eyewear that will not damage your eyes or cause vision problems.


If you are considering contact lenses to correct vision or update your prescription considering purchasing contact lenses without undergoing an exam is a folly you must avoid. You will find it impossible to measure your cornea and pupil, so visiting Premier Eye Care — Mahogany for an eye contact lens exam and receiving well-fitting eyewear is beneficial.

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