Why We Need Tears

Why We Need Tears

Aug 16, 2019

Tears are more than simple droplets indicating an emotional upheaval. The flow of tears out of your eyes is suggestive of a good visual health. Listed below are certain benefits associated with tears.

Tears Protect Our Eyes

Do feel bad if someone made you cry, for crying is the best solution to weary eyes. Crying remove all the foreign particles out of our eyes, some of which can do considerable damage. The tear film has three layers which include a mucous layer, an aqueous layer and an outer oily layer.

The eyes have their own mechanism to clear out irritants. The particles get removed as soon as we blink. The tears act in a defensive way to wash out the irritants. Eye care becomes extremely difficult for people whose tear glands malfunction.

Tear Production and its Disposal

Tear glands continuously keep performing their functions. The excess tears get washed off through your nose. So, it is often a common phenomenon to have a runny nose when you are crying heavily.

There can be two ways in which your tear glands may malfunction. You either may cry a lot or not cry at all. In both these cases, your tear glands are malfunctioning.

Shed tears and Feel Better

There are two kinds of tears. One is a reflex tear and the other is emotional tear. Reflex tears are the normal ones which wash away the dirt from our eyes. On the other hand, emotional tears, just as the name suggests is a result of the emotional upheaval.

It is suggested that people should cry if they have undergone a trauma. In such cases, they may even be forced to cry. This is because crying helps them to regulate the pain and deal with hormonal imbalances.

Dry Eyes

With age, the problem of teary eyes, as well as dry eyes, become more common. In some cases, the patients are also suggested to undergo surgery. Old people cry continuously because of the malfunctioning of their tear glands.

It is very necessary to identify visual problems in time and act immediately. An expert and prompt attention are imperative. For best advice to deal with tear-issues, consult the experts at Premier Eye Care.

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